Who Are We?

May 23rd, 2014

City Centre Retreat is a privately owned short stay company refurbishing, maintaining and managing apartments to a high standard for our short stay guests. City Centre Retreat has existed since 2011 thanks to our dedicated employees and to the trust and appreciation of our customers. This trust has allowed us to expand our portfolio providing worldwide short stay accommodation services.


City Centre Retreat has identified that short stay & self-catering accommodation is a fast growing business within the tourism and business travel industry. This makes our ambition to become the industry leader for short stay apartment rental and to increase the international standards for short stay apartment rentals, fully feasible and realistic.

Excellent Operational Management:

We had defined detailed protocols of business processes with well trained and dedicated cleaning and maintenance staff, all apartments serviced with a laundry company, technical services is kept in-house in order to solve problems quickly and keep occupancy rates high, and check-in desks are located in the apartments.

Meet our management team here.

Solid Back Office:

City Centre Retreat has worked with and assisted in the development of a unique back office system called Kigo. This system has been developed to support all aspects of the operational business with automatic, real-time yield management and content management (photos, texts, features) across all channels, front office support, real-time cleaning and maintenance module and automatic finance reports and forecasts & much more.

Customer Satisfaction:

City Centre Retreat apartments highly contributes to the total customer satisfaction by delivering quality in apartments as well as delivering excellent service to our guests. This has resulted in very good customer satisfaction results: across all sales channels (incl. booking.com,) we scored an average of 8,7 (on a scale of 10) in 2012/13/14 and our goal is to reach 9 in 2015.

Apartment Owners:

CCR  is always keeping an eye out for great opportunities for expansion in various cities. Are you an apartment owner and are you interested or invested in property together with CCR? Read more on “Apartment Owners”.

Excursion Ticket Bar:

If required then we can bring you the most exciting attractions and excursions of Amsterdam. Perhaps you plan to go to a museum during your stay, or attend one of the many exciting excursions that go on every day here.. Well then you can very easily get your tickets, perhaps get a discount and certainly avoid queues here.

Short Term Debt Financing And Its Benefits

July 22nd, 2014

Most of the time people do not like to keep on flagging under the loan encumber for such a long time. The reason of it is that this involves the long period of the installment payments of the loan for most of the part of your life and it turns into a stress on your limited financing resources. People want such type of the loan that has a short period of payback payment. So if you want such type of the loan that allow you to pay the installment payments in short time, then you should have to go for the short term loans. These short term loans offer fascinate the people too much because it allows you to repay the payment in a very short duration. Although repayment duration of the loan depends on the type of the loan that you are taking but most of the times the loans which are short term provide finance for the time period that suits your personal circumstances and also on your repaying ability of the loan.

Short term loan offers you the credit cards, bank loans, trade credits and operating line of credit. People can get these short term loans for their own personal use and also for the business purposes. Most of the time businesses need the short term loans instead of the long term loans for lots of reasons. This is the form of the debt, most of the short term loans having the maturity of one year means you have to repay that payment with the amount of the interest to the lender, but some short term loans having the life of the 90 days to 120 days. It helps the business to fulfill its need of the financing in short period of time instead of making long commitments with the financer. Most of the time business uses the short term loans to cover the short deficiency of the capital that arise due to the credit customers, because company has to pay its own bills. Second reason the companies use the short term loans for the inventory basis, there must be always behind some stock in the inventory. So to buy the inventory in advance to the holidays and the business is not able to pay back it after the holiday that’s why companies use the short term loan offers. You can use it for personal uses due to flexible terms, unsecured, faster approval and also for variety of uses.

A Wine Collector’s Guide to Shopping through Online Wine Sales

July 1st, 2014

If you are passionate about wines and are looking to have a wine collection of your own, then you are on the right page. However, before proceeding to helping you build a wine collection of your own, you should understand that the process does not requirea hefty budget or stocking rare wines. It is all about adding your personal touch in the collection.
With that out of the way, proceed to learn the basics of establishing a collection through wine online sales.

Plan Your Budget
The next thing to decide after making up your mind to become a wine collector is how much money you are willing to spend. You can always use online wine salesfor buying good wines on a budget. Just remember to keep your budget realistic and to spread it over months for wine buying. You do not necessarily have to stock your entire collection with expensive brands and premium expensive wines. Just look for premium wine deals and move from there.

Your Wine Collection Should Be About You
Your wine collection should primarily entail the wines you enjoy the best. It should ideally have a variety of wines thatyou and those coming to your home enjoy indulging in. So include both red and white wines to your collection and do not forget aboutshort term drinking and long term storage wines.

Taste the Wines Before You Stock Them
Your collection of wines should primarily be about you. Therefore, choose and stock the wines you like after tasting them. Do not merely rely on experts’ reviews or website ratings for buying wines. In case you are wondering where to start, head to public barrel tastings, tasting rooms and even in local wine stores.

Incorporate Diversity and Breadth in Your Collection
The true essence of a collection lies in its diversity and breadth. This means that your collection should include at least a few vintages of a single wine to allow you to experience the impact of growing conditions, wine making techniques and time over the wine. You can research wine sales online to come across the desired wine variety in your collection.

Add Some Hard to Find Wines to Your Collection
The beauty of a collection stems from its inclusion of a few rare wines. No wine collection can be deemed complete withoutthese. However, by no means should you overspend on these wines; adding one or two will do the trick for you.To give you a nudge in the right direct, visit the exclusive sections of wine sales onlineplatforms as these usually contain listings of rare wines.

Remain Involved and Informed
Be passionate about your collection andcarry out all the relevant research on wines. This will keep you informed and eventually capable of determining the bestwine dealsand availing them.
These tips will help you create a collection that is truly reflective of your taste and entails richness, variety and depth. So make sure to follow them the next time an online sale pops up.

Birthday flowers for your girlfriend

June 30th, 2014

When your special lady’s birthday rolls around, you’ll want to be sure to impress her with a thoughtful gift. Women love flowers- they are romantic and beautiful. So why not send a lovely bouquet of flowers to the lovely lady in your life? There are so many varieties of flowers that are appropriate for this occasion, and birthday flowers delivered to her home or office are a great surprise and will definitely win you some points!

Flowers are a timeless gift, and women truly appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes along with selecting a bouquet and having it hand delivered to the woman of the day. It is an incredibly special moment to receive a lovely gift of fresh cut flowers from your special significant other.

So, which bouquet should you choose? Luckily, there are a variety of flower options that can be chosen for flowers free delivery options. A fantastic choice for your girlfriend is to send a bouquet of 12 red roses. A dozen red roses is romantic and classic, and a woman will always be impressed with your timeless choice. For those of you who would like to be a bit innovative, it is possible to order a bouquet of white roses accented with white lilies. This arrangement is light and bright, and will bring delicate and pleasant aromas to the room. For a more vibrant option, pink roses or warm roses (light orange) can be added to the arrangement.

For arrangements with a mixture of textures, it is possible to combine a variety of flowers for a lovely and exciting piece. One popular combination is to use Lisianthus, green Carnations and white Bouvardia. This combination is elegant and has a soft and girly feel. A bright option is the Raspberry Birthday Delight Bouquet, which uses a variety of pink colors, bringing a vibrant energy.

Birthday bouquets are a fabulous choice for birthdays and are a great option for when you want to have a surprise gift delivered. Bouquets include flowers free delivery, which allows them to be the perfect surprising detail for the day.

Each birthday bouquet is put together with hand-selected flowers from incredible growers. Flowers are used at the beginning peak of their cycle, allowing for a truly fabulous display that will be enjoyed for days to come. The best bouquets are those that can retain their vibrancy and aroma long after the special day has passed.

Choosing to have birthday flowers delivered to the special person in your life is a fantastic decision, and any girlfriend would be lucky to receive such a fabulous and breathtaking gift. Sending flowers is a great way to celebrate a birthday from a distance, or to add an element of surprise to the day. No matter who she is or what she enjoys, sending birthday flowers to your girlfriend is a thoughtful act that will leave her impressed- and with a lovely bouquet to remind her how incredibly special she is to you.

Best Bulk Lollies for Your Lolly Buffet

June 25th, 2014

Gone are the days when there were tens of lolly varieties. The latest trend that has hit the lolly tables and lolly buffets is the colour by range. The lolly industry has become a paradise for all consumers and party planners who used to run around trying to find the right colour combinations for themed parties, bridal showers and wedding settings. A single lolly can now be bought in multiple colour variations that cater to every theme available.
Following are the most popular bulk lollies that can be purchased from anywhere, even online at quite affordable rates, to bring life and colour to your dessert table.
• Aniseed Balls
Aniseed balls measure about 1cm in diameter but resemble gobstoppers. Traditionally sold in weights of quarter pounds as bulk lollies online, aniseed balls are round hard balls with a strong aniseed flavour that lasts in the palate for a long time even after dissolving. Aniseed balls come in red, black, maroon and dark brown colours and can be used with lighter colour combinations at a lolly table for attractive display.
• Gumballs
Gumballs are available in the largest variety of colours including blues, purples, pinks, reds, yellows and almost every other colour you can imagine. Delighting children and adults since decades, these lollies have a hard sugar candy-coated shell and a chewy gum centre. Get a gumball machine for cheap and place it in the centre of your lolly buffet table, and you will have your guests remembering and talking about it for weeks.
• Sixlets
Sixlets are pea-sized lollies that have a chocolate filling. Shaped like balls and extremely delicious, these lollies have been among us since past few generations, and are available in a wide colourful range. These candies can be bought in bulk and are more popular in demand now, being used at every occasion in combination or singularly with other coloured lollies to strike a beautiful display.
• Jelly Beans
Jelly beans are made up of sugar, with a soft gelatinous centre and a candied shell covering. Inspired from Middle Eastern Turkish Delights, Jelly beans have taken over the lollies industry with over thirty different flavours and colours. The vast range of jelly bean collection makes sure that there is a flavour for every palate, occasion and ages.
• Marshmallows
Marshmallows are lollies that have suddenly become extremely popular. These lollies are integrated in almost every dessert table, recipe and occasion. Made a cup of hot chocolate? Pop in some marshmallows. Baked a cake? Cover it with marshmallow based fondant topping. The possibilities for the use of marshmallows are endless.
Because of their rising demand and popularity, marshmallow manufacturers have started catering to different colours and designs of these fluffy sugar candies. The texture of these sugar candies is amazing, melting into your mouth as soon as you pop them in. Marshmallows are now available in the range of almost every pastel colour available to make sure your event goes sweet and smooth.

The importance of real estate flags

June 25th, 2014

Flags are used for various purposes, but one of the most important significance of flags is that they distinguish a particular identity. This can be seen in various national flags being held by citizens of a particular country during sporting events or fiestas that feature various countries as participants. Real estate flag are not so different in this context, except that they help to display particular messages inviting prospective house owners to visit the property. There are very many types of flags that are made for this purpose. They differ in placement style, shape, color, materials used in manufacturing, size, and most especially in the message displayed for customers.

These types of flags are quite efficient in attracting prospective buyers of a property, especially the ones with attractive colors, bold letterings and vantage hanging or placement positions that can be seen from afar. They serve as formal advertisement to people in and around the neighborhood and visitors from outside the area that such a property is available for rent, lease or sale as the case may be. This helps to promote the property to the outside world. The messages on property flags also help to extend a warm greeting to customers, most of whom see this message before they even meet the property agent. Messages on these flags also inform the customer of the status of the property. Messages such as; “auction, for lease, 3 bedroom apartment for sale” etc. tell the customer what is available on offer.

A good example of these kinds of flags or banners is the Swooper flag with ground spike. This flag comes complete with an assembling kit and a carrying bag which helps to transport the flag from one location to another. The flag is typically eight inches high with a ground spike base kit, pennant and pole for attachment to grassy surfaces which can be assembled by a single person. Fabricated from a poly knit fabric, these flags are lightweight and have the ability to stretch, so they can be pulled taut by a bungee cord included in the assembling kit. They flutter in the breeze and customers are advised not to use them in winds greater than 10 mph.

Whatever your preferences for flags used for real estate promotions, be sure to buy one that best serves the purpose. For instance, you should get a hanging flag for a property that is not visible from the beginning of a street or buy a colorful, eye catching flag that will get the attention of prospective customers from afar. All of these kinds of flags can be obtained online from a reputable online vendor who has a track record of delivering in this field.

Making Your Home Safe and Sound

June 25th, 2014

Relying on your German-bred dogs or even your Siberian huskies for security is not recommendable nowadays especially that bad elements in our society are getting wittier and wittier just to be able to succeed in their not-so-good plans. Having high fences around the perimeter of your house is no longer effective. Home security is one of the basic necessities that should be addressed. However, this is often neglected because people do not feel that they need it. They feel that this is just another expense to pay. First of all, home security is one thing that has to be provided to ensure that all things inside it are all intact along with those living in it. Investing on home security could be one way of taking off your left foot from the ground. Why would you let one instance that you are caught with no basic home security?

Security systems have already evolved and showcased newer models with incredible features and with more affordable prices. Such can be bought directly from malls or from businesses that can immediately evaluate your security needs and your place. Also, modern security devices have improved to the point that you can control it remotely and it can contact you right away when something untoward happened in your home. Newer models feature wireless home security to avoid messy wirings.

Home security does not give you a license to depend solely on a system. Everyone in the home should be involved and properly informed of what to do and what to expect from the devices installed in your home to serve as security. With proper education, the system will surely be used at its best when situation calls for. Home security is not a decoration as well neither should be treated as scarecrow to criminals. Even putting a dummy camera at one corner will surely be sweet in the eyes of thieves or other bad elements.

Home security cameras serve as a big help to ensure monitoring of any movements in the house. This can come in handy especially when keeping an eye on daily goings-on in one’s home, or ensuring that household members are ok. Having such might be costly, but it is a good purchase especially when your house is near main roads to monitor those who are entering or even those passing by. Should it be necessary to identify a person or an incident, HD cameras can help police and investigative teams solve a case in a short period of time. Crime solving has come a long way from spending hours comparing raw pictures with existing biometrics. With these advancements in technology, we can help make our homes and communities a safer place to live in.

Choose the best broker by using premium trading:

June 22nd, 2014

To invest less and to earn more money, the best way is forex trading system. Forex is the exchange of cash is the currency trading between two parties. The exchange of multiple currencies will be completed from anywhere is the globe and it is based on the current position of economic superiority. If you are beginners to the forex market and to understand about the trading system, beginners can make use of this website premiumtrading.co which will offer much information. Premium trading is the leading brokers in the field of financial market. They will help the beginners to choose the best broker which depends upon the requirement and needs. They will offer full support in creating and maintaining an account for trading. Forex trading was introduced to promote the investments and international trading with any government and organizations in this world. The main objective is it will help the business and company to convert the currency from one nation to another with profitable amount.

Premium trading will help the beginners and the regular traders to choose the best brokers in forex trading system. By choosing the best broker in trading system, one can invest less money and can earn more money with great profit. Forex trading is available for the whole day but except on the weekends. The traders have to have this mind that there are various varieties are available and it may influence the rate of exchange. This will help the governmental organization and some corporate institution to earn money through this currency exchange. Forex trading is totally different from the stock market as it separates the investors to different levels. So if you are in need of details about choosing the best brokers, then choose this website premiumtrading.co which will offer perfect brokers and people can earn money in profitable rate.


FXFINPRO Capital supports traders to boost up profits professionally

June 22nd, 2014

Many people now have desires to secure their financial issues and augment wealth without difficulties. They can use the professional support and services from a leading platform online. FXFINPRO Capital is one stop source to get premium support all through the limitless trading opportunities and investment instruments. Residents with eagerness to increase their wealth without risk factors now geared up to visit fxfinpro.com. The positive reviews about this leading and professional trading platform give satisfaction to traders, investors, and visitors.    As the most successful brokerage company with a commitment of supporting every client, FXFINPRO Capital gets recognized increasingly. Well experienced professionals here support every client on time.  Users of this professional trading platform get more than estimated benefits.

People who have chosen FXFINPRO Capital can work with the most successful markets all through the world beyond doubt. Well experienced traders prefer this trading platform and get the most exceptional opportunities happily. The most advanced trading issues give satisfaction to traders with or without professional knowledge comprehensively.  Qualified staff members here listen to dedicated traders’ commitment and successful traders’ proven trading skills.  They consider clients’ requirements before they make a decision. Thus, clients of this reputable trading platform can count profits increasingly.

Lots of accounts including the demo account, wallet account, real trading account, and investment account are available in this platform. Thus, people can make a decision to choose the most appropriate account and begin to boost their wealth.  The safest methods to deposit and withdrawal give happiness to people who have chosen this successful company.  Different products and services are available here at this time.  Some people wish to invest their money and get profits from their investment. On the other hand, some people have expectations to engage in the trading activities and multiply their profits. They can choose the most suitable account, product, and services here and get profits every time.

Choosing the Right Bespoke Blinds for your Home DIY Projects

June 19th, 2014

The DIY industry in Australia is booming to say the least. The Australian Bureau of Statistics said this year that an estimated $10 billion will be spent on renovations in the Premier State alone, with ‘do it yourself’ projects taking up the bulk of the action.

It all points to a new breed of interior design, that’s no longer led by the whims and assessments of art grads, but rather by forward thinking and creative homeowners just like you and me, who are deeply involved in the look and feel of their homes and are eager to stay on track with the latest trends.

Riding the DIY wave, a number of companies have started providing bespoke design services aimed specifically at this new culture of home improvers. One of the latest of the lot comes with the availability of crafted and bespoke blinds online, with companies offering the whole package, from selection of materials to products manufactured to fit the particular style of individual projects.

What’s more companies have managed to cut costs and appeal to the individual DIYer by using the internet business model, where, without salesmen and stockrooms, the focus is shifted to value for money and product quality.

So, by cutting the expenditures of running shops and employing reps, online retailers can offer ranges and styles of blinds that were perhaps not previously within the budget of many DIYers. Where before budget preceded design, now design can take precedent, and it’s more important than ever that home improvers choose the style of blind that’s right for their home.

Increasing in popularity, the traditional-look plantation shutter is a great option for rooms where a lot of light control is required. For example in studies of kitchens, where strong sun rays may disrupt work, even a wide-louvered plantation shutter can help control the glare, while bespoke fittings in other communal areas, like lounges and hallways, can give a tidy and homely feel that can be used to fit well with other internal design trends.

Holland orrollers, are an option that’s becoming increasingly popular in domestic designs but tends to be traditionally associated with commercial and business spaces. Bespoke online blind manufacturers can now offer a really wide range of materials and colours that means rollers are no longer limited to the monochrome light-blockers of yesteryear, but instead offer an array of design options, from controlling light levels with semi-transparent and opaque finishes, to augmenting colour schemes with rich patterns and textures.

Honeycomb blinds are noted for their ability to help insulate rooms with the pockets of air contained within the blind itself. This feature has given them pride of place in many peoples’ project, looking for a way to increase the economy of their home while also getting fantastic light absorption options. Today, there is a real melange of materials and colours on offer, and a newly developed cordless rail system has destroyed any remnants of the old ‘office blind’ reputation than the honeycomb systems perhaps once had.
As Australia prepares for another DIY boom this summer, the rise of bespoke online retailers like those in the industry, has brought top level design into the territory of the individual; allowing maximum creativity at a fraction of the cost.

Fix your credit report

June 17th, 2014

It is possible to live with a bad credit score in United States these days, but life gets really tough. Low credit usually makes a lot of things very complicated, way more expensive and sometimes even impossible to get. Here is a good example for you: any kind of insurance company would set a higher interest rate if the credit score is low. Banks will also pay attention to a credit score before approving a loan for you. Do you remember online cash advances from direct loan lenders claiming that they do not check your credit history? While some really are not going to do it, others always review it. Keep in mind, that if you are not asked to prove that the credit score is fine, then you will most likely be charged higher interest rate. That is why, basically wherever you will go the credit report means a lot.

Credit Repair Value
Credit repair is extremely important for small loans and credit cards, mortgages and saving money and insurance. Even though everything mention before occupies a big part of our lives, they are not the only reasons for having report repaired in time. Have you ever wanted to start your own small business? This opportunity is open for those whose credit score is high, because it is so easy to apply for a loan. It is interesting to know that the better credit score you have, the more likely you can get promoted. Hurry up, check your credit report today.

Do It Yourself
The first that have probably come up to your mind was to hire a professional. Our TVs and radios are full of commercials: you see many people offering their services for what they like to call it a very reasonable amount of money. Save your money and time- do it yourself. It is not that difficult. Try to avoid those who say that only a professional can repair your credit. A company does not do something that you cannot do yourself.

Start with figuring out what exactly needs to be fixed. AnnualCreditReport.com- is a free service where you can order yearly free credit report either by phone or my mail. There are 3 credit bureaus that can provide you with a report free of charge. Use them to check out what you did wrong.

Additional Ways for Checking Credit Reports for Free
There is also a chance to get a free credit report if you were turned down for credit. Check your state’s law, because according to some state’s law you can have additional free report. All of these credit reports are ordered through the credit bureaus directly.

Pay for the Report
If you have used all of you free opportunities, than you are able to order a report for a certain amount of money. It is recommended to have 3-in-1 credit report. It will cost you a bit more, but it is a better service for one simple reason: some of your lenders/creditors report to only one of the bureaus which usually do not share such information. Therefore, all 3 reports will give you a better picture of a condition of the credit history.

Read Credit Reports
Read all of the information carefully. Reports are going to be very alike. Here is what they should contain:
-personal ID information;
-history (detailed) for every of your accounts;
-inquiries made regarding the credit report.

What Needs to be Fixed?
Underline every single thing that needs to be repaired and come up with a plan. Start as soon as you get on your fit and ready to make payments on time. Make sure to call your lenders/creditors to inform them that you are looking forward to improve your financial relations with them.
These were the basic steps you need to begin with. It may take a while and some of your precious time, but results are going to prove that they worth it.
A lot of Americans have damaged their credit history during Great Recession time and now is the best time to put all their efforts towards not only repairing it but improving it also.
Be very careful with your payments deadlines, have at least two repayment plans in case of them do not work. The better your credit, the more opportunities life has for you!